You can extend the product support with a small fee. The extra fee for this service can be purchased as a 6-month package or 1-year package as follows: 
  • 6-month product support pack's price = Current product price * 0.5
  • 1-year product support pack's price = Current product price * 0.6

Thus, we'd like to recommend you select 1-year support option, as you can see it's more favorable and the extension is used in the long-term.

Please refer Free Support scope here: 

Support includes answering any question related to our products and fixing any bug/error caused by our products which is reported by customers to make sure it works well as the demo version. Our extensions are built and tested on Magento default so that Support does not include fixing coding conflicts that are related to any third party extension/theme that is installed on your store. In addition, support doesn't also include customizing our product to fit your own needs and any request for customization will require an extra fee. Please provide us access to your website for the support (including admin account and FTP/SSH info). Team viewer support is not accepted.

If you are interested in any options, please feel free to contact us at and provide us your order ID to request a purchase for a new product support package.