I use the module for my site Magento 2.4.2EE, when I select/unselect FAQ category > Save --> showing error: 

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach in .... app/code/Bss/Faqs/Model/Faqs.php line 153 

Please tell us how to fix?


To fix this error, please follow our guide:

In the file app/code/Bss/Faqs/Block/Adminhtml/Grid/Assign/Table/Product.php, please remove line 88 and add this code below:

 if ($this->magentoVersion->getEdition() === 'Enterprise' || $this->magentoVersion->getEdition() === 'B2B') {

In the file app/code/Bss/Faqs/Model/Faqs.php, remove line 135 and add the 5 lines code below:

$getStoreIds = $this->getStoreId();

if (!is_array($this->getStoreId())) {

$getStoreIds[] = $this->getStoreId();


foreach ($getStoreIds as $storeId) {

Or download the files attached below to override the current files on your site.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to support!